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Tonight I have set up a GoFundMe, this is something I never thought I’d do but I have now got to the point in my journey where I could really do with some help.. & realistically I cannot fund everything on my own anymore. next year I hope to move to London part time. I’ll come home for half the week to gig down here as usual for all of you & teach 3 days a week & spend the other half of the week in London, gigging, recording & collabing with other musicians.


I feel at this stage in my journey I need to be more in the music scene & spending more time recording, performing & in the studio. I’ve spent the last week in London & feel so happy & inspired & now feel ready to take the next step in my journey. Please have a little read of my gofundme page, if you feel you could support me in this I would be more than grateful! Even a share on Facebook would be amazing..

I genuinely love you all so much. I hope one day I can sell out Wembley stadium and have a golden circle full of you all and you can come backstage with me and know that you were such a significant part in all of this!

Here’s to the start of an exciting (and slightly scary) future💖